Columbus Day Peacock Bass report...

Well folks I and my wife had a rare opportunity to fish together over the holiday weekend. As usual she kicked my butt again. The Peacock bass bite is getting ready to enter the fall spawning period. Which means plenty of shots at trophy class fish laid up protecting their territory...Just remember to immediately release any fish back to the water. While live bait fishing is still very good. The artificial bite will produce exciting strikes at well placed lures.

Speaking of lures..Terroeyz seem to be getting a lot of attention out here. Don't be surprised if while casting at some "obvious" Peacock bass spot, and you get slammed by one of the fresh water Jack Crevalle patrolling the area. It happens a lot while I'm out there with a client. The look on their faces is priceless!!..."salt water fish in fresh water?" is what I usually hear from them in astonishment. Anyways we took a few pics for memories of the day. Thanks for reading our report.
Capt. Tony Fowler 305 775-1136






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