Fishing & Boating in Cuba (3 of 3)



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    Blue Zone wrote: »
    Kudos on the write up although you forgot to mention the women...

    You know, with as many times as I have been to Cuba over the past 20 years I could comment on that , but I won't, other than to say there are many many beautiful women in Cuba as there are in many other places in the world, but I never went to Cuba looking for women, although a lot of guys do. Well, I looked of course, but I never did more than look as that is not the reason I traveled to Cuba. I went there to enjoy the culture and the fishing, which in my early days there 1992 - 1996, was actually pretty good, but it went downhill fast after that, ie. if you are an offshore angler - ever see 20 - 30 lb blue marlin hanging at the marina with the "proud" anglers standing beside them? I had not. And don't get me wrong, there are still isolated areas of Cuba where the fishing is world class, but those areas are wide spread and difficult to get to. Cuba is a much bigger country than most people think - and the infrastructure is horrible (ie. getting fuel or food for example, is a real problem).
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    Great report, very interesting, thanks, Mosquito Lagoon Indian River Backcountry, Children Welcome, Fair Prices. Call or text 386-689-3781 Edgewater River Guide, Inc. since 2003. Capt. Michael Savedow
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    In the early 70's, I flew to Havana as a "charter pilot"

    How did you like the railroad tracks that ran across the runway! Bump-bump!

    Very interesting report, yet depressing in a certain way........

    I remember seeing George Poveromo's TV show out of Gitmo and it was also very interesting.... probably not as hard fished an area as the Havana area.....
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    Okay, found and read Reports 1 & 2 and re-read # 3. Very informative.

    Why or for what reason did you do this trip? Doesn't sound like a good place at all to do a trip! What kind of boat did you run down there? Did you guys do any fishing? Any photos?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Gary M wrote: »
    How did you like the railroad tracks that ran across the runway! Bump-bump!

    Hey Gary,

    The railroad track is a very interesting fact that most people don't know about.

    I knew enough to land further down the runway but when I flew airliners down there (B-767 B-777 and B-747) we just rolled right over the tracks as we needed the asphalt to roll out on.

    Several times during the 70's and 80's, Castro would roll a train on the track and stop it right in the middle to deter airliners that were hijacked from landing. After banter back and forth, he always moved the train.


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    great write up........must be why Cubans travel so far to fish the Cay Sal bank.
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