Bimini bay accidentally press release-


  • alacrityalacrity Posts: 2,665 Captain
    sounds like sabotage, maybe this will engender some groundswell support and put pressure on Obie Wilchcombe and others.. they should have posted the document.

  • BiminiwallBiminiwall Posts: 79 Deckhand
    This is excellent news. This just proves that the efforts of the grass roots support is making some great headway.

    Here are some more ideas for the Bimini Blue Collation to consider:

    1. Start accepting donations. I'll be the first to donate.

    2. Launch a Google, Bing, MSN and other local fisherman marketing campaigns outlining all the destruction and corruption put forth by Resort world and Capo. I will also help in this matter, I'm a master at SEO marketing and can place websites in top positions for keywords all related to Bimini. I'll do it free of charge.

    3. Place Pay per click ad's on all the major search engines. If someone googles the word Bimini then show them the Bimini Blue Collation website.

    4. We need to be creating twitter accounts and mirroring the exact hastags that resort world and their marketors uses to market. Hashtags are not trademarks. Remember that. There needs to be daily posts about the destruction in Bimini on Social networking.

    5. Facebook ads are cheap. We are talking $3 dollars a day to show everyone who logs into Facebook in South Florida the destruction thats being done. We also need to be creating a butt load of Facebook pages. The more Bimini destruction pages, the more they will rank in facebook search.

    6. We need a dedicated forum and website to Bimini's environment. I googled a few great SEO domains that I wont share here, but it will be sure to make an impact.

    7. Advertising on the Bahamas Tribune is very cheap. Again, I'll front some money for this to happen. I know Bimini Blue reads this forum.

    8. Everyone who is against Resort World needs to make that very clear in a facebook post, and tag Resort World in it. They cant do anything about it.

    9. Someone in Bimini needs to be taking daily pictures so we can have real experts chime in on the tactics being used to build this artificial island.

    10. Make more videos of Bahamians speaking out, and post them on all the all aforementioned social networking websites.

    11. Email all the DJ's on their website and tell them to stop support Resort World. If one or two cancel it will send a huge message.

    12. Start tweeting to all the people who are going on the ship and make them aware of what Resort World is doing.

    These guys are succeeding by using social networking and paid media. They really value social networking and make sure their name is protected on the Internet.

    Disclaimer: All my ideas here do not attack Resort World and bring them down. I'm trying to raise awareness.
  • Al BundyAl Bundy Posts: 246 Deckhand
    Give me an address and you will have $100 of my money....
  • BiminiwallBiminiwall Posts: 79 Deckhand
    Al Bundy wrote: »
    Give me an address and you will have $100 of my money....

    Thanks for your pledge. I reached out to Bimini Blue and offered my barrage of services no charge. I'm personally going to start an Ad campaign with my own funds. If Bimini Blue wants to work with me, I'll setup accounts and crowd source funding to get this off the ground. I have proven skills in Social Marketing, so no amount of Money, not even Genting's, can hire the internet skill set I can provide.

    Resort world has a team of 2-4 people working on Social Marketing. Its headed by a lady named Allison. I have marketing tools and resources that will do the work of 10,000 people, FOR FREE.

    Watch out for Facebook and Google ads very soon.
  • Bimini wall,

    Set up the account and I will donate $100 to the action!

    Hey Bimini lovers, lets get this thing going. We have a social networking expert that I know have run political campaigns before. I have seen some of his work and his plan looks flawless!

    Remember and important point here. We also need to make sure Miami Dade County knows what Genting is like. There is no way they can look like the environmental white horse when they have done what they are doing in Bimini. **** Bimini today, **** Biscayne bay tomorrow.

    Biminiwall, how do we tag Resort World in our facebook posts? They have blocked me from comments.
  • 2amigo2amigo Posts: 4,500 Captain
    Sounds good. I will pledge
  • Bimini DreamBimini Dream Posts: 407 Deckhand
    We also will pledge
    A Part Of Paradise
  • VenturesomeVenturesome Posts: 1,743 Officer
    i'm in
  • CNTDRCNTDR Great Harbor Cay, BahamasPosts: 887 Officer
    Count me in, although I don't fish or visit Bimini anymore.
    Great Harbor Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
    pm me for rental info.
  • I have been in contact with Bimini Blue coalition and with Biminiwall forum member. They are working on putting something formal together. I will keep everyone posted.
  • INTREPID377INTREPID377 Posts: 3,737 Captain
    Subscribed and will support the effort.
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