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I need your help. I'm planning on taking my son on a marlin trip for his high school graduation, the only question that I have is where to go. I have two options on the timing of the trip: spring break, which is the last week of March, 2014; or June, 2014. The only option that I have on the destination is somewhere in the Americas (for now).

Where would you go to have the best chances of putting him on his first marlin and making this a great trip for the whole family?

Thanks in advance for the advice!


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    Not sure if this will work..... I may have to firend you on facebook to see the video......
    We took this trip last May out of Los Suenos and had a ball......4/6 on Blues with a sail or two in the mix.....the day before we were 0/4 on blues with two sail's......
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    First choice would be Cabo or Kona. Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala are also good bets. If you need to stay in the Continental US, Venice LA would be my choice. If you want to try the Carribbean, I'd say St. Thomas or DR. I've never fished Bermuda, but June is supposed to be very good there.

    Good Luck.
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    Thanks, guys. Starting to look up.
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    March would be Costa Rica although Sails are more certain than Marlin.

    June would be the full moon in St. Thomas.

    More important than wear and when is to research the Captain, crew and boat. You can get taken on a boat ride in any of these locations and carefully selecting the boat will be the difference between a trip of a lifetime and something you'll regret. PERSONAL references from someone you KNOW are the best way to make the choice.
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