Miami over Saints

divn4$divn4$ Posts: 1,528 Captain
Miami by 3

Go Navy.....


  • BatemasterBatemaster Posts: 1,701 Captain
    I like that pick as well.
  • CalusaCalusa Posts: 11,881 Officer
    Go Dolphins!!! :cool:
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  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,150 AG
    As usual, the Phins do not have the killer instinct. Gen George Patton always said, "Attack, attack, attack"!

    With 49 seconds to go in the first half, behind, the ball on the Dolphins 20 yard line, they run the ball in the middle, then kneel down to let the clock run out! They GAVE UP! This is why the Phins will never really succeed in the AFC East. Playing it "safe" does not win Super Bowls.

    Phins go 10-6 and lose in the Wild Card for this season....... and every season........."Attack, attack, attack"!
  • frankfrank Posts: 13,292 AG
    blood in the water
    sharks (saints) are feeding

    'cmon 'phins turn the tide and beat these fools
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  • ZimmerNoleZimmerNole Posts: 9,244 Officer
    This game got out of hand pretty darn fast ....
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  • frankfrank Posts: 13,292 AG
    lot of time left and the momentum may have just switched
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  • sammy2189sammy2189 Posts: 998 Officer
    Oh we'll at least I made money on the over n under.
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  • BayGatorBayGator Posts: 1,496 Officer
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