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What's your go-to rod and reel ??

I'm curious, I wonder what other anglers are using for rods and reels. Everyone has their favorite and thought I'd ask what rod and reel you grab on your way to the ramp/boat/beach/etc...

I don't have many so, my go to these days is a 7.5 foot medium Shimano Clarus with a Shimano Sahara 3000 reel, with high-viz yellow 15lb Fins WindTamer on it right now.
Wifes rod is a 6'9" pink Fishing Franks rod with a Quantum Kinetic PTi20 with pink 15lb Fins WindTamer.
My kids rods aren't even worth mentioning.

So, what you got? I curious to see how many guys are using Shimano? Penn? Quantums?
And am interested to see where the rods go too: Star? Penn? Shimano? Falcon?


  • DarcyDarcy Posts: 1,711 Captain
    I would say leave the pink one at home. Lol. Jk
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  • reel stamasreel stamas Posts: 6,153 Admiral
    I have ~5-10 Combos for almost every application from Trout to Marlin, so I need a lot more info to answer that question...
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  • Austins26Austins26 Posts: 1,989 Captain
    in my world best all around combo

    3000 or 4000 series Sustain

    7.5ft HM Teramar

    pretty much my standard answer
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  • NoreastSalt3295NoreastSalt3295 Posts: 607 Officer
    7 ft st. croix medium mojo inshore matched with a 4000 Stradic Ci4+.
  • nitelite08nitelite08 Posts: 302 Officer
    I have 3 penn battle rod & reel combos (battle 4000) I like them but the rods are to stiff for inshore in my opinion. I bought them when I first arrived in Florida. I recently bought my father the penn "slammer" rod and put the penn 440ssg reel on it. He loves it, I've used it a couple times and it's a good setup. Bought a couple daiwa rods at the sportsman show last winter when it was in Fort Myers. It was buy one get one free if I remember correctly. Nice but still a little heavy. My go-to rod/reel combo that I use 99% of the time is the 6'8 Rovex air strike rod with a Okuma RTX 40S reel which I absolutely think is the best set up I have ever used. I've caught more fish since I started using it. The Okuma will run you around 100 bucks but the rod I think was around 40$. They all have the same 15lb braid and 20lb fluoro or mono leader. In the beginning I bought the expensive braid but after a chat with some folks down at my local bait shop I just started having them use their in house brand and I have had the same results. I'm sure others will say that there is a big difference in quality and I'm sure there is but the results for me have been the same so I save $$$ when I can.
  • kymasabekymasabe Posts: 111 Officer
    Very cool, thanks for the responses so far. When it comes to rods and reels, it can be a very Ford-vs-Chevy kinda thing and I've seen customers arguing the benefits of one reel over another at tackle shops.

    So, Darcy, yeh, the pink one only comes out when the wife is fishing with me. Her rod, she loves it. If you're ever near Fishing Franks in Port Charlotte, check out their new in-house line of rods, they're pink or black, pretty good action, she likes hers.

    NoreastSalt: How you like that 4000 on a 7 foot rod? I had a 4000 Sahara on a 7 foot Eupro rod for a few years and it always seemed like the reel was a little big for the rod, moved down to a 3000 and put the 4000 on a heavier rod. You ever feel like it's too heavy?

    Reel Stamas: I'll try to narrow it down a little for you, but you're probably still going to have multiple rigs.
    I'm thinking inshore, lets say you wanted to pack light and just wanted to target reds, maybe some trout, and possibly even snook. Without taking three designated rods, if you only had to choose one in the rack, what would you take with you?
    ReelStamas brings up an interested point, I wonder how many of us out there use one or two rods most of the time, and how many have multiple rods for multiple applications. I see some boats on the water, one guy onboard, 6 rods in the holders, all rigged, all ready to go, all a little different. That's not in my budget and it seems like the majority of the boats I see only have one or two rods per angler. When I go out, I take two rods, just in case one breaks, or so I can soak a bait on the bottom while working a lure with the other. Most of the time however, I'm only using one and the other is tucked away.
  • Jirvin70Jirvin70 Posts: 92 Greenhorn
    7 ft Medium St. Croix Avid, Shimano Stradic 4000 FJ
  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 16,071 AG
    As a tarpon fisherman, I use a 8' Loomis BBR rod and a Shimano Calcutta 400TE reel for the majority of my open-water angling.
  • surferjs01surferjs01 Posts: 184 Officer
    Penn spinfisher v 4500 on a redbone 10-20lb rod. I've caught anything from 12" mangs to a 8' bull (off a boat). Awesome setup!
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  • FinsfanFinsfan Posts: 604 Officer
    My go-to heavy combo is a Quantum Boca 80 on a heavy Star rod. Medium to light is a calcutta 400 on a st croix medium-heavy rod.
  • NoreastSalt3295NoreastSalt3295 Posts: 607 Officer
    kymasabe wrote: »
    NoreastSalt: How you like that 4000 on a 7 foot rod? I had a 4000 Sahara on a 7 foot Eupro rod for a few years and it always seemed like the reel was a little big for the rod, moved down to a 3000 and put the 4000 on a heavier rod. You ever feel like it's too heavy?

    The Ci4's are so light that it balances perfectly on a 7' rod. I just landed my first tarpon on that setup last weekend and I've caught blues to 17 pounds up north on bunker chunks, but I have a 7' MH St Croix tidemaster for that. This setup was originally for throwing artificials to stripers and blues in NY. The 3000's are too small for larger fish IMO.
  • perlman1234perlman1234 Posts: 1,449 Officer
    If you have a fish out in the open on a flat and a boat to chase.... nothing is too big for a 3000 class reel. If you are pulling snook out of docks I would up my gear.
  • cowpencowpen Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    Old school here: Abu-Garcia Ambassador C3 on 6.5' no-name graphite blank. Nothing better for chunking a plug and cranking a mossback out of the bushes.
  • RedOctoberRedOctober Posts: 49 Deckhand
    7.5ft Teramar with a cabo 40 loaded with 30lb braid. Light enough for me to fish all day with enough length and backbone to send my lures screaming.
  • If1shalldayIf1shallday Posts: 464 Officer
    7.5 teramar with a 2500 shimano saros with 15lb pp ss
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