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torquetorque Posts: 124 Officer
I have a 1996 Cape Horn 19,10" CC. The hull is in great shape. the interior is clean and mostly good but as time goes by I am getting small stress/spider crack in several places. These are very thin and limited in length. Im considering painting the interior will a flexible coating. Looked at Tuff Stuff and it looks pretty good. Does anyone have other coating which would cover the cracks and provide traction.


  • hossmosshossmoss Posts: 1,257 Officer
    Speaks volumes that you have a 15 year old boat and it is just getting a few spider cracks. That's one tough boat.

    Perhaps Linex would be a good solution for you.

    There is a guy out of Sarasota on the forum that does lots of boat interiors. Google Sarasota Line X

    BTW, he has his own section on THT...

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    2012 Cape Horn 31T with twin Yamaha F300s

  • torquetorque Posts: 124 Officer
    Thanks hossmoss, I have looked at that option but its a long way for me to go (from sanford) and bit $$$ from what I've read. Looking for a DYI solution. Tuff Stuff looks good but I was wondering if there were other similar products out there. The boat is a 1996 Cape Horn 19'10" and despite some criticism of the brand, it has been an awesome boat for me. Anyone else out there have a recommendation?
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