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Inshore Fri. 27th and Sat the 28th Pine Island sound Matlacha.

Got a call from Capt Scott to see if I would like to troll some deep divers in the sound, sure lets give it a try. Met him at his boat around noon. I brought some shrimp along the way to try for some Pomps off the light house.
Well we trolled some spots nada no one home. Headed to shoal off the light house bouncing jigs and shrimp off the bottom. Water around the point was like black coffee on the shoal it was more like dark tea. We worked our way to where it was murky and green and 4 to 5 ft deep. Scott had the hot hand with Gafftails and whiting out fished me 4 or 5 to 1 boy is he good. LOL Short trip just nice to be on the water.
Saturday 28th
Tileman and I have talked about running the Panga skiff and trolling mangrove lined canals for snook. So we launch at the crack 10AM. Ramp was a zoo clogged with people who have no clue. Trolled for a while nada Tilman tastes the water(yuk) there is no salt in the water where we were at.
Plan be go for trout south of the draw bridge stop at a spot that has been good in the past. Tileman DOA shrimp 4 casts (4) trout 2 keepers in the box lost one short and a keeper lost at the boat. If I could just get him to use the net.LOL
I am using 30 size reel 10lb line, light rod. Start to reel in a small fish the it gets big and fast then small again. It was bit almost in half, hook it back up same rod. Send it back out line starts to peel off. Lines in start trolling motor here we go, long chase many close circles around the boat its a bull shark,hook just in the corner of the mouth. Fun catch.
Frank tails him (you will not see me doing that) brings him into the skiff. Then we release him.
Another good day on the water.


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