Blind Pass Sunday am

Got up later than I wanted but made it to Blind Pass about 730. Small white bait was everywhere around the bridge and the snook were crashing the bait up under the bridge and along the rocks on the Captiva side. I found a nice flat rock under the bridge to sit on and started tossing a white terroreyz around the pilings. Picked up two under slot snook about 20" and 22" and one that took a liitle drag then broke me off on a piling.:banghead. Twice the snook chased the bait up against the rock I was sitting on and I ended up with a couple whitebait on my lap. Water didn't look too bad then the tide changed and started going out, you could see the big pile of grass come floating from the sound side out into the gulf and the water turned brown. Got tired of having dead grass on my lure every cast so I walked the beach for a little bit, picked up two small jacks and my parking time ran out so I headed on home.

St Croix 7ft medium rod, cabo 30 with 20lb power pro, 40lb seaguar floro leader(2ft) loop knot to a white terroreyz, medium fast retrieve, about two twitches per second, last of the incoming tide and slack tide, between second and third bridge piling on Captiva side.

Anything else you need to know:wink


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