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dania mahi 9/26

went off dania just me and my brother hoping all the fish would run away from pompano for the upcoming tournament. launched with 5 gogs we made it out to a 100ft and my brother gets a monster hit peeling drag for 30 sec and then jumps but were surprised to see that it was a huge wahoo but unfortunately came loose. after further inspection he hit the wire and completely missed the wire bait was intact and still alive oh well. the wind really picked up and pushed us out to 350 were fwc made a visit we were the only guys out guess he was bored. after he left i landed two stupid cudas on the gog. the wind really picked up and so we started to make our way back to the pier i used all my gogs and so it was my brothers last gog and his rod takes off and we see what we thought was a jumping sailfish we get the fish close and its a nice mahi so we try to ease him in for a good gaff shot and hes in the yak nice size about 12lbs but we dont have ice and our an hour from the beach so we start paddaling as hard as we could back to the beach and the same guy from fwc stopped us again in a different boat, asked for the fish so we showed him and was suprised to see how nice it was after he left we continued back to the beach and the race for some ice. great day with the bro and cant wait to go out again. wont be doing the tournament cause i got a class at moon. tight lines guys.



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