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Venice La. trip

Tuna fishing was crazy. Went on Captain Eddie Burger's 31 contender. Hit a massive squall about 15 miles out before we made it to the platforms. Crazy ****ing wind and rain. Got 100 gogs by an active oil platform then drove to another on in 3000 feet of water and proceeded to chum the school up. Threw a few 15 pounders back. most were in the 50- 60 pound range tunastand_zpsd06c36e0.jpg

Inshore was crazy. I got tired of catching redfish and flounder. We just released everything after day one. 994627_590728357636258_140244836_n_zps574a4cbc.jpg

30 inch red. 563536_591567037552390_1543223269_n_zps174c3c65.jpg


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