• brotherinlawbrotherinlaw Posts: 2,857 Captain
    Wow works out to roughly $91.00 per half gallon. Not a deal in my book.
  • dstockwelldstockwell Posts: 13,741 AG
    55 gallon barrel contains $12,492 worth of Jack Single Barrel Select for $9660 - why not.. :)
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  • illinoisfishermanillinoisfisherman Posts: 5,094 Admiral
    ferris1248 wrote: »
    Buy it Don and bring it to the next bash.

  • brotherinlawbrotherinlaw Posts: 2,857 Captain
    Didn't notice it was the select.

    Yeah Don, man up and bring it on
  • tapatetapate Posts: 5,204 Admiral
    You also get that snazzy barrel!
  • dewyafishdewyafish Posts: 4,952 Captain
    There's nothing more enjoyable than suprise morning sex...
    Unless you happen to be in jail at the time.
  • stc1993stc1993 Albany, GA Carrabelle, FLPosts: 4,497 Captain
    They sell it like that at the distillery too. They didn't give the exact price just between 10 & 11k for a barrell . The master taster helps you pick one out. They pick 3 barrells and let you taste all 3 & you pick which one you want. They bottle it for you it usually runs between 250-260 bottles. You end up saving around 2k over liquer store price. You still can keep the barrell. I don't know how they do it, in the commercials they say it's a dry county.
  • trout069trout069 Posts: 4,313 Captain
    still a dry county as far as I know.the company that owns Jack may have got some kind of special variance from used to serve you lemonade.lot of dry counties in Tenn still,but you could buy beer and wine on sunday in wet onesback in 70s.
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