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can i keep 2 snook if?



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    Legal for the record book, or for your question? I disagree with some of his answer. If that were true then there was never a legal catch on a charter boat where there is a first mate that rigs the bait, sets up the lines in the outriggers, sets the drag, sets the hook and hands the angler the rod after he or she sits in the fighting chair.
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    Do you need 2 snook that bad? Are you starving to death? The rules say one fish per angler, if she is an angler than have at it if not then the simple answer is, No!
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    bocapup1 wrote: »
    well I was at the boat ramp today and asked the fwc personally about this question and this is what he said with a stone cold face so here it goes.the fisherman or fishergirl must hook there own bait,cast on there own or flip the bail,set the hook and fight the fish plus retrieve it to make it a legal catch.asked if they have been catching and with the same stone cold face he replies cocaine and marijuana :USA

    so your thanking the forum for giving you the correct information
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