Trolling Motor Wire Run Estimate

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Hey Guys!

I an in St. Aug area and would like to have new wire run from my battery (back of boat) to my trolling motor(54lb motor guide - front of boat). It shorted out a few months ago and i just directly connect to battery (horrible i know). I assume I will need a marineco plug set ($50) and about 15ft of marine wire to run a 12volt battery. Also, wanted to get new wire run from trolling motor to plug. So, can you give me a range that I could work with on estimate? How could I save money or what would cause it to go up? I had some quotes and quite scared, cuz one person told me $80/hr for labor for 2 hrs of labor and another guy told me $50/hr for 8 hrs of labor to do this. Wow!! OR how could I do this myself if this is going to be that expensive. Thanks so much guys! Sorry I haven't been posting anything ....adopted a son and haven't had many prize catches lately! Any help is appreciated!


  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,342 Officer
    What I did was use a set of good jumper cables directly from the trolling motor to the battery through a circuit breaker on the positive side. I believe in the kiss principle and didn't use a plug, just soldered the wires.
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    If you check out you can get the Marineco plug set for less than $30. I bought the Minn-Kota brand plug set and it is actually a Marineco plug in the minn-kota packaging. Works great.
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    You can easily do it yourself depending on the wire run. Are you talking about running the wire under the gunnel lip on a Gheenoe (super easy) or punching it through the hull of a skiff (a little harder to total PITA depending on your boat design). Good news is if your old wires are still there, you can tape the old to new and just pull it through... simple.

    If you can work a screwdriver and tube of 5200 you can easily do it yourself.

    I installed a TM on my last boat. Two battery trays, battery cables (shockingly expensive for "wire"), Minn Kota deck plug and recommended fuse. You would obviously have to add the 15' of cable. I would say you're probably looking at $75 in supplies. Are you sure you're existing system isn't just a blown fuse or knicked wire? Strange for marine cable to totally short out like that.

    2 hours labor is not cheap, but that's definitely a very fair quote for doing this. 8 hours labor is a joke of a quote.
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