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InterOrdnance AK47c, 8 mags, 1400 rounds of ammo and extras -SW Florida

For sale is my InterOrdnance AK47, clean, very good condition, good fit and finish. Receiver and barrel are US made. Tapco and Magpul furniture. Comes with two 30-round magazines.
Asking $750.
Next is the ammo: 7.62x39. Asking $175 per 500 rounds, $350 for 1000 rounds, $500 for 1400 rounds.
Last is the additional mags. I have three 20-round "tanker" mags in canvas pouch, one 10-round Tapco mag, one 5-round Tapco mag, and one 5-round Chinese mag.
Asking $100 for the additional 6 mags.
Also have Belarus Bp-02 low-rise scope mount for AK's, asking $75.
And have US made mag followers and floorplates for AK mags, price negotiable.
Buy gun and ammo and I'll make package deal.
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