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night snooking and snapper on a canoe

well the only time this weekend that i had to fish was at night. i launched at big hickory bridge about 5:30pm to get some bait before it got dark cast netted a bunch of 3 to 6 inch scaled sardines. i tried one spot that i always get some nice snook from, the monsters were there i got broken off twice and landed a fat 37 incher. once it got dark i tried the first set of docks that yielded a bunch of shorts but nothing over 24 inches.moved down a little still only shorts, and a BIG jack about 20 pounds or so. tried a couple of other docks with the same result. the last light i tried was loaded with big snappers that were more than happy to eat my shrimp, caught my limit, funny thing was there was nothing but snappers at this light.
i then decided it was time to go which by then was 4 in the morning. loaded up my car and cast netted some finger mullet to take to the cape coral yacht club pier to try and get my keeper snook. got to the pier asked a couple of guys if anything was biting but they all said no. wasn't sounding too promising. i put one of the twelve mullets on and started to walk up and down the pier with the finger mullet swimming on the top hoping a snook would hit after walking up and down once i was about to change directions when the pole was almost pulled out of my hands. after a 5 minute fight a fat 30 incher was on the pier and i was heading home to sleep and dream about snook dinner:hungry


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