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9/21 Prospecting Grouper Trip.

I first have to thank everyone who posted info on my last post "East Coast Boat in SoWFla". Full of great info.

I headed out from the dock at 6.20am and out of Red Fish Pass. Live well had small pinfish, Green and White Bucktail jig, and Squid chunks. Headed due east until I saw 60ft. Then started NW. Looking at the Depth finders I identified hard bottom in about 5 spots. All of them looked pretty much the same on the depth finder, but no fish found. There was one spot we marked on the way out and we didnt stop . We reached 70 feet and decided to head back to that spot we skipped. BOOM.

The three of us dropped the three different types of bait and all 3 hooked up immediatley. Great Feeling!! 2 of them keepers (not huge, but keepers). We stayed over this spot for a while pulling up 15 Red Grouper and 1 Gag. Biting on all three baits.

Headed home around 1pm and glad to have an offshore boat. NOAA said 2 feet, but it was the roughest 2 feet I have ever had. Cleaning Grouper and watching College Football pool side... Can a Saturday get any better?!

#### Cleaning the red groupers I found that they had 10 or so black tube like worms inside the fillet meat. Has anyone seen these before? Its not like the worms Im used to seeing on AJs and such jacks. #######


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