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Rough day offshore 9/21/13

Got two hours of sleep and headed down to venice with asianbait to meet SJC for some offshore fishing. Weather called for 2 feet or less but was more like 2 foot chop with 4 foot swells. Nasty ride out and in. Got our limit really easy and were done with grouper by 9:30am. Since he drove all the way to venice from lake wales (2 hr drive) I decided to not end the day there and head deeper for mangos. Even though I knew what it would be like with the full moon. Well I was right... we ended up spending the good part of an hr trying everything we could to catch them. Couldn't get jig heads to the bottom for the fun stuff. Couldn't feel the bite because of current and wind. It was not working. Fished 65-75 ft. I have to say SJC took the rides like a champ sitting on the bow cooler seat. **** guy refused to sit in the bean bag....... so asainbait slept the entire ride in and out. We will have to do it again guys and next time not on the day after a full moon. The look on our faces tells how the ride back in was.


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