Overslot and slot Redfish on the South Shore 8/24

My buddy saw the big reds we caught last Sunday and said he wanted in on the action. We woke up at 4 A.M. Wednesday morning and loaded up my 17' Bass Tracker ( my poor mans flats boat). We got a couple of shrimp specials from South Shore Bait and Tackle and headed for the Cockroach Bay ramp. We headed out of the channel at 6:15. We stopped in 5' of water in hopes of loading up on some ladyfish but we didnt have much luck for the first hour. Finally we got two small ones and since the bite has been dieing around 11:30 we decided to work with what we had.

A little tip is when you dont laod up on ladys take what you have and instead of steaking them out fillet each side and cut the fillets in 1" pieces. take the rest of the body and steak it out ( there wont be much meat but there is still the smell) That way you get 3x the bait off of one fish.

We put my self made **** anchor in the dirt about 50 yards off the mangrove line and let the ladyfish soak. It didnt take long. 5 min and my drag was singing to me. After a 5 min fight and multiple long runs I got the 29 1/2" red in the boat, got a couple pics and sent him on his way. 5 min later my buddy had one on and as soon as I started to reel in to get out the way my line started sreaming too, double hookup! After those two we caught a couple more then the bite slowed down.

We finished the day drifting the flats with shrimp under popping corks throwing into the sandy spots on the flats and managed a couple more reds and some nice trout. We were off the water at noon. We totaled alot of small trout, a couple nice sized ones, and 7 slot 1 overslot and 1 underslot reds.






Double hookup!301114_277469652267929_100000146895252_1219097_2305521_n.jpg





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