matrix 97 depth reading issue

beat to fitbeat to fit Posts: 2,076 Captain
The depth at low speed, idle, or fast is erratic. Jumps from 5' to 1500' and everything in between.
I have looked at sensor, cleaned connectors etc... will work fine for 30 mins then jumps ...etc.

Transponder in off the back of hull. No issues in past 2 yrs with unit. Gps works fine.
Suggestions or do I need a new transponder?


  • HBirdDeborahCRCHBirdDeborahCRC Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    You can start out by restoring the defaults on the unit to take the unit back to factory settings. If the problem still occurs the problem could lie either within the unit or the transducer. The best way to determine which is the problem would be if you know someone that owns a Humminbird unit that uses the dual beam transducer so you can plug your transducer into their unit direct to see if the problem follows the transducer. If not you may opt to send in the Matrix 97 with the transducer for service. The service information can be found at the below link:

    Thank you,
    Deborah @ Humminbird
    Deborah @ Humminbird
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