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The Butch Jones era.

Heading out to Neyland and I think there will be an enthusiastic crowd to welcome this new staff and the 2013 Vols. I will eat a rack or 2 of ribs for you guys.

By the way,,, looking forward to watching a few games with my son this year,, he is becoming very studious about the game and is really getting into the nuts and bolts of it... Go Vols.

By the way,,, looks like a few teams are getting off to a,,,,, slow start today...:shrug
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  • fins4mefins4me Posts: 14,487 AG
    Well that was ,,,, entertaining but not sure what if anything we learned about the team or coaching staff. I left mid way in the 3rd.quarter. I mean we were penalty free, we obviously killed them (could have hung 100 if Butch did not call off the dogs starting mid second quarter) but there were some issues with the precision of the passing game and the second and third group did not dominate as they should have..

    Was a huge crowd especially considering the opposition.

    There seems to be a nice improvement in team discipline and overall play structure.

    I am still very concerned about the overall lack of speed in our secondary once the starters are not on the field.

    The starting offensive line might be the best in the nation but the back ups at tackle are a huge concern.

    The immediate change in gameplan being utilized when Worley left the field and was replaced by Peterman is interesting but just have never liked having a completely different gameplan for one quarterback to the next.

    Will get a bit of a stiffer test next week vs Western KY,, I expect them to be a handful for a while.

    Also,,, there were times this evening especially when our starting Offensive line was in the game that I,,,,,,,,,,, actually felt a little sorry for APs defense,,,it was brutal,,I mean brutal.
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    Just beat Florida. :)
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    Calusa wrote: »
    Just beat Florida. :)

    I never go into any game thinking we "can't" win,, but considering where we are coming from anything more than 6 or 7 wins will have to be considered an accomplishment.

    We have some parts of this team that can line up with anyone in the nation (offensive line and linebackers) we also have a newly constructed secondary that has remnants of what was the worst backfield I have ever seen at the major college level.

    I think what we have is well coached and motivated but after Western KY we go to Oregon before we even begin to think about the gators. I fear that because we are very shallow still if we get very many injuries in the next 3 weeks it will be a burden for the rest of the season.
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