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Double D's Mako Encounter & Finally Find Some Debris Holding Fish off Jupiter 8-30-13

Double D's boys back at early. Cleared Jupiter Inlet at 630am. Decided to run and gun today so I got to wake up a little later than the normal goggle eye alarm! Tried HST for an hour with 1 small knockdown but no luck. Flat calm conditions was really tempted to head to West End! We found a pallet in 700 ft of water off Jupiter. Boys jumped in with spearguns and go pros. Got some cool video. Plenty of fish, only problem is they weren't real big. They had a blast swimming with the schoolies. We caught 4 legal ones and it has been a while since we had fresh dolphin so in the box they went. There was a couple of nice size ones mixed in but they were elusive to the boys in the water and we couldn't get them to eat on top.

So off we head east to search some more. We are out at the sword grounds now around 1500 ft of water. Nothing of any substance, no weed patches so we decide to blind troll. While trolling we spot something. As we get closer we notice it is a swordfish who was just been attacked by a mako shark! What a sight. We reel the lines in and go to investigate. We get right next to the the shark and he doesn't care about us. He keeps eating his dinner. We try to catch him with a McGiver style rig, and he bites right through our rig above the wire. Finally he pops the bladder of the swordfish and down they both go! What a sight! Would have love to caught him, oh well. Great to see. GoPro footage coming soon!

Head back in and find a plastic bag holding some bait and 1 lone gaffer dolphin we manage to put in the box. We try the ledge only to get nailed by BOBO's. Hit the bottom in 95 ft get a few runners and some bite offs and a rainbow runner. Time to go in! GREAT DAY ON THE WATER!
Double D's crew proudly uses Canyon Gear tackle


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