Need a lighter weight battery for a kayak... I put a trolling motor on

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So, title says it...

I have a Perception Pescador 12' kayak. I put a minn kota 30 trolling motor on it. I made my own mount, put the motor right on the back and fashioned controls so that I can throttle and steer with easy access to everything.

So far I like it, I can go about 2x faster than when paddling hard... and I can keep that pace for the duration of the battery instead of the duration of my arms. Also lets me actually FISH a lot more when fighting the wind.

The only down side... I mounted the battery up front in the kayak in my dry hatch. But the battery Im using is an everstart deep cycle marine battery. It weighs 43 pounds, and all that weight up front is pushing the front end several inches lower in the water. This is fine in calm conditions, or when running with the wind. But if Im pushing into choppy conditions Im taking a ton of water over the bow.... enough so that its worrisome. I can pull the scuppers... but I just dont much like having a ton of water in the deck of my yak.

I figure if I could find a battery that weighed in 30 pounds, or lighter maybe it would make the whole setup a lot better.

Does anyone have any suggestions for make/ model of a battery that would be lighter than the heavy tank Im running now. BTW my battery is a group 27 deep cycle marine. Im willing to sacrifice some run time... but Id like to keep close to what I have now. Bass pro has a battery that weighs 23 pounds... but from what I can tell it only has 1/6th the capacity of mine... which is just not enough. Id settle for half, or maybe 1/3 but not 1/6th.


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    conventional lead acid batteries are all going to weight around the same weight for similar capacities.
    you may check into the newer lithium ion batteries. They are lighter weight, and because its a paddle craft without a fuel tank, nothing to explode when they catch fire. :)

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    lithium ion batteries would be your solution but they are very expensive in the size you would need. (Like over $1000)
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    Brent, I have been thinking about doing the same thing with my kayak. What kind of run time are you getting from a full charge? What did it cost to register the boat? Thanks
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    yeah Cats a lithium is just out of the question. I made the setup myself for the most part in an effort to save money. Spending anything over $150 for a battery just isnt gonna happen. I am thinking about getting two of that battery from bass pro which would end up being about 3 pounds heavier than what Im running now. However I could parallel the batteries together and put one in the back of the kayak and one up front... this would reduce my frontal weight by 20 pounds which I think would solve my problem. I still lose a ton of run time doing this but it might be worth it for choppy days. Either that or I just stick to areas that are more protected from heavy chop.

    No cool name, first off you need a cooler name :-P and I have no idea what kind of run time Im getting. I had it out for a few hours the other night and it was still pulling strong after a few hours of motoring around. Ive yet to run it down to where the battery goes out though. I am thinking of maybe taking it out this week if I can get a chance and just do laps up and down a section of river and see how long it will really run. This would give me a baseline as to what I could expect from a smaller battery.
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    This might be off the wall, but is there any chance you could just add flotation to the front of the yak?
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    csanders wrote: »
    This might be off the wall, but is there any chance you could just add flotation to the front of the yak?

    I would have to add some sort of an outrigger (which I already have in the back to help with standing) but I think it would be in the way while fishing.. and I think Im about maxed out on accessories/ mounted things/ holes in my kayak already. Id rather not add any extra weight because its getting quite difficult to load/ unload in my car as it is.

    If I could find a 30 pound battery instead of a 43 pound battery I think my problem would be solved. I dont think I need to cut a huge amount of weight, but if I could drop it about 10 or 15 pounds I think I would be doing alright in the weight department.
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    I just got a wheelchair battery off of ebay for $125 its a 12 volt 55 ah amp hr I used it yesterday for the first time with a 45 min Kota and was not impressed what the run time I don't know if you'll find a smaller battery that will work for more than a few minutes my battery ways 37 pounds
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    A couple of years ago I tried to add electric power to my 1999 14 ft Perception Prism SOT. I spend over $250 bucks on a small electric trolling motor and a commercial bracket that fits into the two flush mounted rod holders. I even got the yak titled and registered. Then I took it down to a local ramp on a weekday and it flew. Only problem was that is was mostly underwater while it was moving along. LOL My yak is only rated for a 300 lb load, so with my body weight of 200 lb, I did have left over to work with. My body weight plus the battery weight in the bow, were the main problems. Gave up on the idea unless I replace my old yak with one that can handle say 400 lbs.
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    I've run lawnmower batteries and as long as you don't run it wide open it lasts a while. Running any trolling motor wide open is going to burn up the battery fast.
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    check out Lifeline Marine Batteries. They run around $180 and up depending on size. They are smaller and weigh less than lead batteries. I have 3 of them ordered for my flats boat.
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