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shark surf fishing setup help!

oscarb904oscarb904 Posts: 25 Greenhorn
Hi all im looking to start surf fishing off the beaches for sharks! What i want to know is what a good setup, i would prefer to use a spinning reel but not sure if it would work out. I had in mind a Penn spin fisher on a surf rod but im not sure i just want to know what you guys would suggest any help will be greatly appreciated thank you! :)


  • FibberMckeeFibberMckee Posts: 12,837 AG
    Where you gonna go fishin' & how big a Shark you wanna catch?

    From my experience with Penn Spinfisher & surf fishing Sharks it's pretty EZ to get out gunned in a hurry. It's can also get tiring having to release a lot of Sharks under 10 lbs. Trying to hurl very heavy baits & leads, as far as possible, is often not far enough.

    The serious surf Shark anglers usually prefer heavy conventional reels w/scads of line & many swim big baits out far beyond "surf rod" range. Big old Penn Senators, size 9/0 being entry level, still seem to rule. Especially around inlets, where they drift big baits out w/the tide, they can catch Sharks over 100 lbs.
  • Anclote KeyAnclote Key Posts: 2,354 Officer
    Big senator and a kayak would be my recommendation.
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  • snook charmersnook charmer Posts: 337 Deckhand
    I use a Penn 9/0 spooled with 100lb ande monster, then some 400lb to my shark rig, A 6' 50-80lb rod and then kayak the bait out or try to float it out with the tide. I'm not the expert, some guys on here are more serious about it. Fresh, bloody bait works best, jacks, rays, bluefish, mackerel.
  • Pescatoral PursuitPescatoral Pursuit Posts: 5,065 Admiral
    tx-sharkfishing.com will tell you all about it. They sre the template that everyone else starts with for land based shark fishing.

    What area are you at?
  • bonephishbonephish Posts: 1,488 Officer
    Back when I was in Pensacola for 2 years, we had a little portable inflatable boat with a 5hp outboard to run baits out. Most folks fished with 130-class reels and rods and used standup belts & harness. Sharks were so big they would pull you in if you cranked the drag down and fights could last a couple of hours.

    But I think Oscar wants to catch bonnethead sharks smaller that 3'.:grin
  • FibberMckeeFibberMckee Posts: 12,837 AG
    That's "oscarb" & that's what he'd be geared for with 20 lb max spinning gear. Heavy baits & leads & big line & capacity seem to be key to Shark fishing the surf.
    bonephish wrote: »

    But I think Oscar wants to catch bonnethead sharks smaller that 3'.:grin

    Seen some big Sharks landed, never caught one over 100 lbs personally, but 60-70 lbers often enough to make it interesting. Once jumped a big Spinner Shark for nearly 30 minutes from STA/Porpoise Pt. Used old 60# pink Ande on an older 6/0 & plugs/slabs of Ladyfish, drifted out on tide under hi-vis float.

    Shark fishing is also traditionally practiced from bridges & also piers. Seen some huge Sharks cut loose from Sunshine Skyway fishing pier.
  • AndrewBenakAndrewBenak Posts: 11 Greenhorn
    Spinning reels are fine man. The brand new 10500 ssm is killer!! 40lbs of drag! Throw that on a 12 ft surf rod either an ugly stik or any other brand that is good. I use the 950 and land sharks up to 300lbs. Spool it with 50lb braid and top it off with 50 ish yards of 60lb mono and your set. You will need a kayak to get out past the sand bar. You can drop 30 yards past the bar or you can drop 200 yards past it. I got smoked last night only 20 yards past the bar. My knot failed when I began to lock down and pop gone.

    Also since you are new I would never suggest getting a big conventional. You will hook into a big shark that you don't know how to handle and you will get hurt or the shark will. Everyone thinks sharks can handle abuse and can be out of the water a long time. FALSE!!! Get the hook out snap a picture and release them! Should be under 2 mins. If you have a low tide keep the shark in the surf so the waves can crash on them and into there mouth so they are still breathe.

    Please don't fish from a pier or bridge. You end up having to cut the line or some people even gaff them and haul them up... which kills them. Now that is fine if your keeping it but horrible if you just throw it back. Also some will argue that it's fine to cut the line and the hook will rust. Yea it will in time but oxidization only occurs OUT of the water. If it is in it's jaw and in the water it takes a lot longer to rust out.

    Maybe I am a treehugger or maybe I just respect nature. I keep fish and have nothing against you if you keep sharks just be respectful of the ones you don't keep. You want to carry around a hook with 15 feet of line on it for 3-4 weeks hanging from your lip? Didn't think so.

    If you have any questions about shark fishing from the beach your more then welcome to PM me otherwise I will comment if I see the post. Have fun and be safe!
  • Pescatoral PursuitPescatoral Pursuit Posts: 5,065 Admiral
    If your beach his a deep first trough (5') any spinning rig that can hold 300yds of 20# or more is fine. Stick w a 7' rod rated at least 30#. Cast a decent size fresh cut bait with enough weight to hold it in place as far into the trough as you can. A surf rod is counter productive because you lose leverage and its not gonna help you cast beyond the first bar anyways.

    And there are plenty of 5-6' blacktips roaming within casting distance of the shoreline.

    Buona Fortuna.
  • oscarb904oscarb904 Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the help guys & I will be fishing around miami beach or key biscayne I just have to look into where your allowed to!
  • JettyparkJettypark Posts: 1,969 Captain
    Learn to handled the 5ft blacktips and then move up.... after a while... and yes a spinning outfit is fine unless you have
    a team and want to handle 12 foot hammer heads....Good lord when did everybody go straight to... "You need a Monster Reel"
    a Yak and 10 lb stingray for bait.... a small shark will hurt you in a heartbeat... learn to walk and then you can run all you want..
    In fact try to get a hold of some of sharkers/teams and see how they do it... before you even try to do it on yourself..
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