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Impulse buy... Makaira 30. Hard to turn down...

Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,430 Moderator
So, I stopped at a tackle shop at lunch to pick up a couple lures for "higher than normal speed trolling" for a trip we're going to make this Sunday. Had the two lures in my hand and in the display case something caught my eye. I'd ordered a pair of Makaira 15s through this shop, but they have not started stocking them... but what just caught my attention sure looked like a Makaira. Interest piqued.

I make my way over there and I see that it's a 30 and it is filled to the top with brand new mono with a price tag of $300. Now my interest is really piqued! I call a guy over to unlock the case. All looks new. All feels new. I ask him what the deal is. He does not know, but said that it went in the case this morning. He and I get a hold of the owner and apparently it was an Okuma Rep's demo. Owner says that the box, warranty card, sock etc, should all be in the cabinet, "over there". Sure enough, there's all the stuff. Pretty obvious that this reel had never seen water and that was their claim, which I totally believe.

So, I bought the sucker.

What's really funny is that my dad went down to the keys by water a couple weeks ago (and is still there) and took with him all of my "higher than normal speed trolling" rigs. So while I not only WANTED this reel, I actually kind of "needed" it for this Sunday's trip. My buddy has a rig that's well suited for pulling baits at 14-17 knots, but I like to have 2-3 lines out, so this is good.

Bought it, and got rid of all the 40 pound (light IMO mono off it). Put 100 yards of 60 mono on, then 600 yards of 60# power pro. Still tons of room left on spool which I'll put probably close to 180 or so yards of 60 mono with a 20' bimini. Pretty excited. Have not fished it yet (obviously) but if FEELS like one heck of a reel. The 15s have been super tough, and I don't expect this to be any different. Plus with this one I can fish the drag at real low levels compared to what it's capable of... joker puts out 55#. Looking forward to putting a wahoo or two in the boat this Sunday between bottom spots!


"Whatcha doin' in my waters?"


  • FISHHUNTRFISHHUNTR Posts: 1,286 Officer
    "I actually kind of needed it"
    Thats what I tell myself sometimes too:grin! Nice looking reel.. how are the 15's holding up.. I remember your thread when you got'em?
    "FISHUNTR"- 2012 20' Pathfinder, Yamaha F150, HDS gen 3 9T
  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,425 Admiral
    not to shabby on the price ! sounds like you were in one of my favorite tackle shops , HH ?
  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,430 Moderator
    Yeah, at Half Hitch. Putting some mono up top right now. Wife really didn't understand impulse $300 buy. For **** near a decade I've been preaching free market pricing to her: "Honey, if you paid $60 for $400 jeans, they are $60 jeans". Came home yesterday to a dose of my own... Ebay were no good, testaments from buddies worthless. Complete failure on her part to either realize, or acknowledge, that unlike her purse / jeans / makeup blah blah blah, I could actually SELL what I bought at a 30-40% markup. Oh well, I've got a nice real now.

    The two 15s that I bought... they've been good. I pretty much bottom fish with them and they've been strong. One of the loses freespool before the other and they've been to CA twice to figure out why. To Okuma's credit, they have been AMAZINGLY easy to deal with. In fact, I ran into an Okuma rep (perhaps the one that dropped my 30 off at Half Hitch) over in Gulf Co and I told him how much I loved my two... several big yellowfin to their credit and a pile of AJs and decent gags... but that I couldnt' understand why they cant get one of them to keep same drag as other w/out losing freespool. Rep asked for my card. I gave him one postapretty much wrote a call-back off. Month goes by, two months, and then I get a call from CA. Odd. Answer it and it's the same service guy I've been dealing with. He offered to ship a box w/postage to Panama City on the spot. Told him we were about to leave for Keys and that I still had a couple months fishing in PC before hitting the woods. With that being the case I told him I"d rather let wife fish light drag reel now as opposed to being w/out them for 2 weeks. He said NO PROB... to just let him know when I was ready to have them looked at and he'd ship box / postage. Way cool. After that (and in an effort to not push my luck, but I WAS curious), I asked him how many times it's going to take to figure this out and what was going to happen in YEAR 6 when the warranty expires. His response was, "we have you in the system.... don't worry about the warranty."

    Pretty awesome. I'm sure these reels will eventually catch on and Okuma will let the ether of success go to their noggin, but in the meantime it's darn sure nice to have actual customer service.

    Thanks Okuma!

    I'm pretty much a Penn guy with some Shimano tossed in here and there. Rods primarily custom, as is boat. Sitex / Furuno electronics... no Raytheon here. In the woods it's Bowning A-bolt with high end Leupold shooting nice rounds. Old but nice Matthews bow. Summit climber. Blah blah blah. I don't have much stuff, but what I do is nice. Proud to have Okuma in the line up... Despite what Eddie Burger has to say. ;-)

    PS - The fella that helped me at Half Hitch... thanks man, and tell your cousin hello!
    "Whatcha doin' in my waters?"
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