south lido pass

went down to south lido park for the day to do some of the bank fishing...walked right to the shore and the bait was still there since last time...just thousands of green backs..walked down to my spot and seen two other guys fishing up to waist deep water..walked down a little father to give them their space...set up and threw out the net. one cast and i could went went all day with that net if i had a big aerator..cast a second of time a over the bait fish and pulled some 2-4 inch pinfish. Ran two bottom rigs out and had one weightless line out in my hand. bottom line were going nuts i couldnt walk to the polls fast enough before they got off..couldnt keep one poll baited while i was putting bait on the other. finally caught one on the free line, spanish mackerel 18-20 inch with some 14-17 inch sea trout. I was standing there and a real nice Snook rolled up, right next to me, he was about 4 feet from my legs. So i reeled in my free line which had a 4 icnh green back. i threw it up past him and left in drift down past him. there was a weed patch the bait fish was hiding under then it went right ontop of the snook. he came up to it and ran off with it, i had my spool open and i didnt had enoght time time to flip it closed when he first took it, and off he went :banghead.

the sun was going down so i run to the pier..the snook was just every where feeding of them green backs. i couldnt get one of them bite but did catch a few flounder letting my line drift with a spit shot weight. One guy down at the end of the pier hanged into a HUGE snook. he fought it all the way up to the pier and he walked it down to the shore and pulled it out of the water. the thing had to been an easy 48-55 inch snook..good job to him

all night under the 3-4 piller for the bridge the snook were just tearing it up out one was fishing it..if i had a boat i would been out there
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