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Free accounts! Looking for beta testers for a new Float Plan managment site

Just like the title says...

I am working for a start-up company that provides float plan tools and services to the boating community. So far we have put together a rough site and are looking for boaters who are active and would like to take advantage of a tool to quickly build and file float plans.

I have 20 free accounts. Since this is a beta test (pre-retail launch) the look and feel needs to be refined, however the tool and services are up and running.

The tool provides the following:
  • Ability to enter & save vessel details
  • Ability to enter & save passenger information
  • Quickly select vessel & passengers to speed up building a float plan
  • Reuse previously filed float plans (with new departure & arrival detail)*
  • Select when you will be overdue & when you want emergency personnel called
  • A reliable team to call your emergency contacts in the event of your failure to return and if necessary to contact emergency personnel.
  • Reminders of upcoming flare expiration*
* currently under construction

Requirements for a beta testers:
  1. You must provide a Credit Card during registration, this is how we confirm identity, It will be charged $1 (minimum charge from our processor) and I'll refund you the $1
  2. We want you to use it and give us feedback (like it, love it, hate it, & why)
  3. We'd like to send you a survey from time to time (not too often, we will not spam you!)

If you are interested, please pm me and I will provide more information.
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