Keep getting water in tank!

GrouperchampGrouperchamp Posts: 9 Greenhorn
Very time I head out I have to let water out of my fuel water separator. Yes I collect it in a small Tupperware and don't let it drain in the ocean. I know moisture builds in empty tank space so I keep it full after I trailer it out of the water. What else could cause water in the tank? I use rec gas. My gas cap is tight and I've checked it. It's not the best of boats but besides this problem it's done great. I have a 2002 CC 19'8 Sea Fox. Has anyone had a similar issue? Any help would be great. It's hard to empty the water when it's just me and my 6 year old son. Once I empty the water after 3-4 cap fulls from the clear part on the bottom of the separator I'm good. Why do I have to do this every time?


  • surfmansurfman WC FLPosts: 5,080 Admiral
    Are you using any typs of fuel additive?
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  • BillatstarbriteBillatstarbrite Posts: 515 Officer
    That's way too much water to be condensation. You've got a leak somewhere allowing water into the tank. You need a tube of silicone, not a fuel treatment.
  • SCFD rtrd.SCFD rtrd. Posts: 1,373 Officer
    The two most common ways to get water into the tank are: The gasket (O-ring ) on the gas cap might be old and cracked. Or, water is entering the gas vent.
  • GotseaGotsea Posts: 142 Deckhand
    Billat, take a close look at your gas tank vent (if you have one?) it happened to me once at that was the culprit
  • Greendog 2550Greendog 2550 Posts: 91 Deckhand
    I used to have the same problem till I switched to non ethanol fuel
  • rehartlinerehartline Posts: 742 Officer
    I had a similar issue a few years ago. Ended up being the vent. It was suppose to have an anti-siphon valve, but something didn't work. I replaced it as well as installing a device from Racor that keeps anything from going back down the vent and fuel from burping out as well. Never had a problem since.
  • Pat LPat L Posts: 440 Officer
    If you have access to see where the sending unit is, check that. If the boat has a plastic tank it will sag where the sending unit is. When it sags the sending unit cant seal and the water drains into the tank.
  • GrouperchampGrouperchamp Posts: 9 Greenhorn
    I use ethanol free gas only. I'll have to check the o ring and vent first. Thanks!
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