How to paint a truck tool box?

fishonfishon Posts: 961 Officer
I have a nice clean tool box I wish to paint with a base color of the truck and then camo it. How would I paint it so the paint is durable looks good and lasts a while? What type of prep and what type of paint? Thanks
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  • teampryorteampryor Posts: 218 Officer
    I painted an old nasty one with fusion and it stuck really well, so far.
  • coldaircoldair Posts: 11,498 Officer
    go to the paint store and ask based on the material the box is made out of
  • anejo22anejo22 Posts: 1,511 Officer
    if the toolbox is aluminum by self etching primer you can get it at automotive stores after that just sprayed with regular spray paint and it should hold up fine
  • GA FinGA Fin Posts: 8,924 Admiral
    Take it to Linex.
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