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rumor about diecharges at the locks

I have heard, now its still only a rumor because I haven't personally confirmed it, that the ACOE is opening the gates at around midnight till right before sunrise to full blast, so during the daytime they can have them minimally open to appease the public.
If this is true , that's a really dirty move on their part, but I wouldn't expect anything less from the government

Any one else hear or know about this??


  • wpbthwpbth Posts: 443 Officer
    1. I doubt it
    2. why is that dirty? you want clear water right?
    3. if this is true why not open them full blast 24/7 for a week rather than be open 1/3 for 3 weeks? It would be the easiest way to get clear water and people off their backs
  • Cut runnerCut runner Posts: 948 Officer
    Its dirty because people (protesters, governers etc), go there and see the locks barely open and think," hmm that's not so bad", but when press and publicity is gone its like a kid sneaking into the cookie jar in the middle of the night...
    Its shady..
    I do agree with your other points and in a way it doesn't add up.
    But my friend lives in one of the small houses right there facing the lock, so I gotta take their word for it.
    He says he can hear it open at night while hes goin to sleep
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