Caught some MERMAIDS Capt.Rios

Went out fishing Tuesday morning over Tierra Verde. I've been babysitting a school of Redfish for the past 2 weeks. Caught a few until the Mermaids showed up. They would not leave the boat. What an Amazing animal. Here is a video of the Amazing Mermaids



  • spanishsardinespanishsardine Posts: 59 Deckhand
    Sorry, the video was not working but is all up and running.
  • Mango ManMango Man Posts: 11,075 AG
    Looks okay to me. :shrug


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  • SpineymanSpineyman Posts: 8,086 Admiral
    They are very curious critters, I grew up on Merritt Island and used to fish in my jon boat and hang my feet over. I actually had one nibbling on my toes and it scared the living mess out of me at first until I actually saw what it was, they are playfull to boot.
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  • tokinredtokinred Posts: 202 Officer
    Fantastic!!!! Great post. Every day on the water provides an opportunity to have an amazing exerpience---just like you did.
  • barrynflabarrynfla Posts: 592 Officer
    The last time I went wade fishing in TB I had a manatee seem to follow me around wherever I went. It just seemed like it wanted to be around me. Probably just my imagination but they sure are amazing animals.
  • crrazychickencrrazychicken Posts: 43 Greenhorn
    Flip your rod over and rub scratch him with the non-guide side, they kinda roll over like a dog, it must feel good getting some of the growth off. I had a guy on the shore opposite the Ft Desoto boat ramp follow me around bumming scratches until we headded out of the area 3 weeks ago
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  • Lobstercatcher229Lobstercatcher229 Posts: 4,845 Captain
    great high quality video! thanks for sharing!
  • PopeyePopeye Posts: 14,296 AG
    This is why I get pizzed of when people blow thru the manatee zones. They are helpless.
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  • Mango TangoMango Tango Posts: 2,019 Captain
    Manatees are awesome creatures. If those in the video could speak, they would be saying "Hey man, how about some fresh water, you got any?" lol

    not only have they associated man with a good chin rub, but they like to beg for FW.
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