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Calico Jacks. How are they making any money?

I received my Calico Jacks from Amazon. I bought a few from walmart and every one came broken in half so I didn't get to check them out. The ones I received from Amazon are very impressive rods for the $40 I paid for them. I knew they had cork handles, Fuji guides and Fuji hoods but the ones I received have full Fuji seats and hoods and the same alconite guides as on my Penn Legion. I have to wonder how they make money on these things? I understand IM7 isn't the latest and greatest but its better than pretty much every other rod in its price range plus it comes with Fuji stuff.

Did I mistakenly get newer ones and are supposed to cost more or is this the standard hardware for them? If it is I may sell all the rest of my inshore rods and buy these.


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