keel guard adhesive

al-gial-gi Posts: 52 Greenhorn
Does anyone have any good ideas on how to remove the glue from a keel gurad? not having good results with acetone



  • anejo22anejo22 Posts: 1,511 Officer
    Heat gun and lacquer thinner but not at the same time
  • al-gial-gi Posts: 52 Greenhorn

    Will try the lacquer thinner with plastic scraper first
  • Garza BlancaGarza Blanca Posts: 88 Greenhorn
    Toluene, or 3M makes a spray adhesive remover which has that the main ingredient.
  • al-gial-gi Posts: 52 Greenhorn
    will that have any effect on the gelcoat?
  • Garza BlancaGarza Blanca Posts: 88 Greenhorn
    I used it on a Back Country and it had no effect on the gelcoat. I started with a can of the aerosol adhesive remover but didn't get very far before it was gone. So, I used the toluene soaked on a rag and gradually peeled the keel guard back and pushed the soaked rag in. It will probably take 2-3 hours to do the whole thing. You may want to try a short length of rope soaked in it and push it in between the keel guard and the hull. I would not use a heat gun on cured gelcoat.
  • ziffleziffle Posts: 147 Deckhand
    I have always had great luck removing adhesives with the petroleum based Goof Off.
  • gameovergameover Posts: 36 Greenhorn
    try debond it will remove any adhesive if you follow the instructions.. this stuff will loosen up 5200 which doesn't come off easily at all. FWIW I've used it to remove keel guard adhesive in the past.
  • Circle-HookCircle-Hook Posts: 503 Officer
    The keel shields have a life time warranty- I damaged one and they replaced for free- HOWEVER- getting the old one off was one hello of a job. Finally used a steam cleaning type-pressure washer - big commercial machine- to blast the glue off.
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