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30 & 31....

Figured I better post these so I don't forget what number of slams I'm at....even though I know cbmdk86 will keep me straight on it...:)

My "streak" ended at 6 in a row on Saturday...I just could not find a snook...any size snook. And before you say it...since a few of my buddies said it back in 2011 when I did 54 days of catching a Redfish in a row.. I did not kill my own baby because I got tired of babysitting! ...I stayed at it till well past noon...I just could not get it done. I did have three very nice trout all in the middle twenties and a big fat pumpkin Redfish.
Sunday was no better other than I had a nice Snook ( Figures..right?) that was close to a slottie...and a nice top slot Redfish....but never even saw a trout... BUT...I did catch this... IMG_20130827_080135_zps0d0a21f0.jpg

I caught one a few months back...and the debate raged..Sennet or small 'cuda.....:shrug

Monday I hit a windy point early with plastic and got a small snook and lost one other boatside.. jumped another off...and not long after that got a little guy Redfish. Not too long later jump off another better size snook but it slows way down after this. I move to a new spot and after seeing a couple nice Reds..way up under the bushes.. I switch to a day old left over wiggler to try and sight up stuff....and get one nice mid twenties Red not long after. OK..this is where I really start to struggle. Lots of dead time and not seeing much....then, after several spots it's after noon and I'm feeling hot and tired...but I find a few fish...Reds mostly, in the
22-23 inch range....BUT, I have every manner of disaster and foul up you can imagine. Baits flung off..two baits picked off the jig without even feeling the strike...two more that I hit them..they run 10 feet and shake off...I get down to my last few baits...that were not looking so great...and I see another Red. Make what I think is a good shot...but lose sight of the fish...start to bring it in to reshoot...and a fat trout whacks it!...and at..1:35 ..after hours of frustration..I have a slam.
No pics since I forgot my phone...and got yelled at by the wife for forgetting my phone at home...she likes to have me on an electronic leash. :grin
Yesterday, I woke up late...looked at Radar and knew rain was coming..for sure! Took my time getting fuel and coffee..and by the time I got to the ramp..it was storming. I decided to wait it out since there was nothing behind it so I was out a bit late...no matter...got a small snook early. It cleared up pretty good so i started looking for Reds and did pretty well considering all the wind...Got 3 pretty quickly...

then went looking for that trout. l looked at several good spots but the wind was brutal!...could just not see with all the wind ripples. As an almost last resort I went back to my Redfish spot figuring that I may get lucky since there are a few trout there and I wouldn't cry if I caught another Red or two before quitting. It was the right move...picked off a nice trout at 10:40 and slam 31 was complete...

.and picked up one more Red. Headed towards the ramp...with one brief stop.....and got a nice fat trout...Thought for a moment about looking for one more snook for a "double slam" but I was just too beat from the heat!
Finished with one Snook...two Trout and four Reds....
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Many things to do.
Knots to be unraveled
'fore the darkness falls on you


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