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The Value of the Fishing Rod



  • kodiakzachkodiakzach Posts: 6,079 Admiral
    As,many have said, once you go from a crappy Wal-Mart or BPS rod - to something good like a $100 rod, you will see and feel the difference and likely wont ever return to the crappy rod. Does that mean you won't or can't catch fish on a crappy rod? Absolutely not. 2 of the most successful pier fishermen I knew used crappy gear and caught more fish than anyone on the pier consistently. Catching fish has more to do with fishing the right spot, at the right time, with the right tide, with the right bait, and the right technique. All things being equal in that department, the guy with the better gear may catch a little more. To me, I'd rather have the good gear that allows me to feel a fish fart in the vicinity of my line. I've found you gut hook a lot less fish if you feel the bite and set the hook, as opposed to letting them hook themselves by swallowing the bait, then reeling them in...
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