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Yankee Captains 2 day trip 8/24-25

Some dinner, but mostly as Greg would say a real "GRIND!" Current was a killer used up to 24 OZ of lead and still couldn't hold bottom @ 235 feet :shrug

But when went around 100- 130 guys where Yellow Tailing of the stern, looked liked Times Square on NY's Eve...these old bones went down for sleep. Lets put it this way, normally when yellow tailing you can flat line with a jig head, 1/2 OZ or so,,,not here 8+ OZ's to get down. The people who did fish them though did extremely well.:fishing

For me personally,One nice mutton about 12 or so pounds and one ARS about 8 and one Jolt Head Porgy who had pair of shoulders,,,frisky little critter about 5 pounds.

Ok got the Stinker out of the way..up next my first deep drop trip on PULLEY RIDGE. I was lucky enough to talk with someone on the last trip nicknamed BRICKS..(if you saw the size of this young man you would understand why he is called Bricks) This guy had shoulders that took up the whole walkway when walking down the boat and a SUPER nice guy. Him and I fished the bow together.

Even though the bite was not red hot I did get to meet some very nice people who are smart enough not to blame the Capt. for the conditions but just deal with what is dealt to you and make the best of it.

That is one thing I have to say personality wise fishing the Yankee Capts, never had a problem with any clients, in fact just the opposite, most will exchange information to and critique you on how to make your trip better.

Any way he described Pulley Ridge was just SICK fishing, lots of Golden and blue Tiles, all sorts of exotics, something a true die-heart has to do once in their lives.

Have all the gear I need for the Pulley Ridge trip expect maybe for a tank of O2.. :wink

Granted not the best report but no one bats a 1000 all the time, that's why it's called fishing, not catching

Nice meeting all, Chin and his group , Albert and Dad, Bricks, hope to see everyone again sometime:thumbsup
Capt Bill


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