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I think I have decided to get a new to me bay boat. It only has depth finder in a old 2002 lowrance black and white screen. I will be fishing 10k mostly and lake fishing in ky. I want to save spots at both locations and have the topo of both lakes and the 10k. I have NO experience with gps on boats or brand(do have several tractors on farm with guidance and auto steer so I have gps knowledge). Just wondering where to get started to mark wrecks down there and brush piles up here. If I have to choose between saving areas down there or up here I can always remember my brush piles up here easier. I don't want the most expensive but understand you get what you pay for. thanks guys


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    I don't know from brush piles on KY lakes, but I have been running the 10K for 25+ years in a variety of skiffs. Your eyes, a good compass and a chart are your best tools to learn your way around back there - a chart plotter is a luxury until you learn how to read the channel right in front of you at 30mph. (you're in a series of S curves - decide NOW, where's the deep water!) [ taller mangroves always have the deeper cut right in front]. This ain't gonna show up on any nav chip. That being said, I like Garmin's with G2 chips - a 441s is all the screen you need but skip its fishfinder section - Garmin makes lousy fishfinders for skinny water.
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    thanks bobber. if you saw me last winter I was the one waist deep in water pushing the family of the sand bars. lol. it took 4 days to figure out Russell pass but me out there pushing was the kids best memories!!! go figure lol. up here in ky you NEVER tell your brush piles hidden location! If you ever see a skiff loaded down with Christmas trees and hay bales that's what they are doing, sinking brush.
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    A bunch of the new mfd's will let you make your own nav charts of the areas you fish a lot. You could spend a day trolling around out there and recording your sonar and then convert it to your own custom bathymetry charts. Things change over time of course, but it would be a good way to get an idea on the display where to run.

    A Lowrance HDS5 will do this... They're not exactly cheap but they work really well.
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