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Anyone need Outriggers?

I have a set of Perko Series 1798 Outriggers i no longer need.. Both pair with extra pole and Outrigger holders Stainless steel. 15'
the only thing that i dont have are the line guides and roller lips, they might be somewhere but ill keep looking for them. they still have the boxes they came with and also the holders do to..asking 450$ OBO if anyone is interested call/text Tom at 717-422-3249..i am in central florida but if you live in east central or west central i will bring them out to you if you are going to buy.. send me a PM and i might get it, my laptop is about to die and the charger is not working i have about 30mins of battery life left so small window for PM. They are in very good shape, no dings or dents and no rust( aluminum).


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