Why God Made KW Grunts .....

…..for days like yesterday. The plan was to anchor up on some deeper structure for large Mangrove Snapper, and maybe a Gag Grouper or two. The seas and wind were quite a bit higher than forecast, and the horizon looked pretty nasty - not quite camel humps, but white caps and thundershowers. So in about 45’ out of New Pass, plans changed and I anchored over some good looking bottom.

The bite with Key West Grunts was immediate. Mixed in with the grunts were porgies, a few mangos (not much size), and a smattering of small Red Grouper. Spanish Mackerel also made a showing at mid-water hitting red jig heads with shrimp.

On the table, nothing can beat Key West Grunts (well maybe flatties, or gags, or hogs, or mangos, or pomps……). Anyway, they’re near the top of the list, and they are what’s for dinner tonight.

The photo shows a nice, fat grunt pushing 14 ½”.


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