First Class Fish Cleaning Table, or Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

My son had a project at school in which he had to recruit me to help him build something.

I remodeled our kitchen several years ago and removed the double well stainless sink and replaced it with deeper version but I kept the one I removed. Also in our attic there was the remnants of the original oak hardwood floor that was original in the home. I've been wanting to do something with the oak flooring as well as the we built a fish cleaning table that is some kind of first class. He made a perfect grade on the project and actually has been asked to build a smaller version of it by one of the teachers that seen his pictures.

Now we need to find a home for it.

The legs and lower shelf are all pressure treated lumber. The sink is undermounted and the top is 5/8 inch hardwood stained in Old English color then top coated with 3 coats of Cabots Polyurethane. The ideal location would be on a boat dock with a roof or under some sort of awning. It would also make a nice countertop for an outdoor kitchen or a Bar for someone who is fortunate enough to have a Man Room. Completely assembled with exterior coated screws and each plank on the tabletop is glued as well as screwed well as each screw is countersunk then sealed.

The dimensions are 24" Deep, 37' Tall and 8 feet long.

Somebody needs to buy this and put it to's some kind of beautiful. I can get it to most areas between Panama City, Florida and Orange Beach Al, and I would assist as best possible outside of the panhandle.

$500.00 sound like a good starting point....of course or best offer. He wants to apply the funds from the sale to spending money for his senior cruise.
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