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First Time spinner

CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer
My 6 and 8 yr old have pretty much worn out the bluegills behind the house on their Disney Princess Zebco's. Been doin it since they could walk....

We all figured it was time to move up - so....After a quick trip to BPS, we were in ....
Spent a day or two breadballin and getting used to casting a spinner - Didnt take too long at all for them to get the hang of it :)

Well, today, Im happy to report my 8 yr old daughter, Isabella nailed her first 4 LGM with a 4' purple glitter worm and my 6 yr old Sophia got her first....Had to PRY em in off the canal banks at noon to get some lunch :)

Im proud as hell! Next weekend, we walk the beach at dawn w white bucktails - Oughtta be GREAT !

Heres some shots from the last week, their first w spin gear...Oh yea, lol last ones mine :)
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