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tunamantunaman Posts: 3,767 Captain
Differant make props with same pitch perform much differant. 90 2 stroke, when new with 13 by 17 yamaha ss prop wot trimed up was 5500-5600. Just bought solas 13 1/4 by 17. Wot, same trim is 4500-4600. A couple mph faster, seems like slower hole shot. Really not the results i was hoping for. Hoping i can get it re- pitched to 16"? Herse hoping. Oh, the solas has approx the same cup as the yamaha, just more aggresive, bigger blades.


  • dhadleydhadley Posts: 53 Deckhand
    Not all 17" (or any pitch) stainless props are created equal. Most props today have progressive pitch and a lot has to do with where a given manufacturer measures his pitch compared to another manufacturer. You also have to take into account blade area, rake, cup style, cup placement and so on. The Solas may be intended to run at a higher X dimension than the Yamaha prop.

    We're assuming you're comparing two 3 blade props also. 4 blade props add another element.
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