Captain Kerry Price "Zilla"

jadejoann4jadejoann4 Posts: 12 Greenhorn
Islamorada charter boat captain from the Heidi Baby, Captain Kerry "Zilla" Price has passed away.


  • ForrestgreeneForrestgreene Posts: 42 Greenhorn
    Z Man and I were friends for three decades running out of Whale Harbor Marina most of the time. Zilla had one of the greatest personalities and was a very generous person for sure. If you had Kerry in your life you had a smile on your face.

    He will be missed.

    Capt. Russ
  • If1shalldayIf1shallday Posts: 464 Officer
  • jadejoann4jadejoann4 Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    I have spent countless days on those docks, still do, and it hasn't been the same since Ray Jensen (RIP), Dave Jensen, and Zilla (RIP) aren't around. Still some good old timers there but some of those legends are missed. Zilla lived about 500 years in his short life!
  • ForrestgreeneForrestgreene Posts: 42 Greenhorn
    Your a good man Zilla....
  • ForrestgreeneForrestgreene Posts: 42 Greenhorn
    Zilla's service was this evening. Tomorrow we will remember him at lazy days from 1:00 - 4:00.

    Capt. Russ 1978 til present
  • INTREPID377INTREPID377 Posts: 3,719 Captain
    ****! Zilla was a fun guy to be around.
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