Big Pier 60 or The Skyway Pier?

HiHHiH Posts: 407 Deckhand
I'm thinking of getting back into pier fishing again and I was wondering which
Pier was better as far as fish species and/or numbers of fish caught.
I don't really care about keeping many fish for the table, I just want to
feel a tug on the line and I want to catch more than catfish and sting rays.
Both piers are about the same drive from my place(2hrs) so either one
is ok by me although Pier 60 has better scenery in the daytime lol.
:fishing The longer I'm Single, The more I get to fish!! :fishing


  • cprcpr Posts: 9,309 Admiral
    Reports from pier 60 say it's very slow except for snook at night. Skyway has some spanish and snapper plus blues. I'd give the North skyway in the early AM or night a shot until it cools down. 60 is a nicer place IMO but now the sky is better fishing.
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  • HiHHiH Posts: 407 Deckhand
    Thank you
    :fishing The longer I'm Single, The more I get to fish!! :fishing
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