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some one told me that it is illegal to snag cow nose rays as well as bow fish them. can any one clarify this for me? i dont want to be out getting shark bait and get arrested for snagging rays and shooting them with a bow. so what is the law with this? and what fish can not be snagged or bow fished.


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    The only two species of rays in Florida waters that are prohibited for take are Manta Rays & Spotted Eagle Rays. Link to law for sharks & rays in Florida waters:
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    it says snagging sharks is prohibited doesnt say any thing about sting rays.
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    Sting rays are in the shark family and it looks like they fall under the same regulations as sharks since they are sharks with a different shape. I would go with it is ileagle.
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    thats gay. it didnt say any thing about gigging them tho.
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    Rays are a different species even though they are included in the shark administrative rule 68B-44. Only sharks are covered under the gear rules in the section.

    68B-44.003 Bag Limit Applicable to State Waters; Gear Restriction.
    (1) No person shall harvest in or from the waters of the state more than one shark per day; provided, however, that the possession of more than two sharks harvested from state waters aboard any vessel with two or more persons is prohibited.
    (2) The harvest or attempted harvest of any shark in or from state waters is prohibited except by use of hook and line gear.
    (3) The harvest of any shark, within the waters of the state, by or with the use of any multiple hook in conjunction with live or dead natural bait is prohibited.
    (4) Snagging (snatch hooking) of shark in or from state waters is prohibited.

    (6) “Ray” means any species of the Order Rajiformes, or any part thereof.
    (7) “Shark” means any of the following species or any part thereof:
    (a) Large coastal species:
    1. Blacktip shark – Carcharhinus limbatus.
    2. Bull shark – Carcharhinus leucas.
    3. Great hammerhead – Sphyrna mokarran.
    4. Nurse shark – Ginglymostoma cirratum.
    5. Scalloped hammerhead – Sphyrna lewini.
    6. Smooth hammerhead – Sphyrna zygaena.
    7. Spinner shark – Carcharhinus brevipinna.
    8. Tiger shark – Galeocerdo cuvier.
    (b) Small coastal species:
    1. Atlantic sharpnose shark – Rhizoprionodon terraenovae.
    2. Blacknose shark – Carcharhinus acronotus.
    3. Bonnethead – Sphyrna tiburo.
    4. Finetooth shark – Carcharhinus isodon.
    (c) Pelagic species:
    1. Blue shark – Prionace glauca.
    2. Oceanic whitetip shark – Carcharhinus longimanus.
    3. Porbeagle shark – Lamna nasus.
    4. Shortfin mako – Isurus oxyrinchus.
    5. Thresher shark – Alopias vulpinus.
    (d) Smooth Dogfish – any species of the Genus Mustelus.
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    ok so it is safe to snag and gig stingrays. because the pier i get rays from its hard to cast net them from there. and i would like to get into bow fishing.
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