Homosassa 7/31 Offshore when it's good it's good.

Neighbors Tom and Laura Howell invited me to do some grouper fishing with them today. My friend Kelly joined us for the day to dig some grouper for her freezer. The plan was to explore a new area a bit deeper than i have been over the past few trips. We shoved off at 7:00 and ran out close to 50' and set up on an area that I knew held some gags. As soon as we dropped out bait the bite was on with a pair of gags one 31 and one 33 inches. The continued with a good 23" red grouper and a few shorts then shut down. Rather than wait them out we started trolling and looking for new bottom and took one 24" gag on stretch 30 which we tossed back. After another 45 minutes of trolling we found some good bottom and set up on it. The bite started to pick back up and before we knew it we took 3 reds between 23 and 27 inches and another gag right at 30. A couple more local moves over new bottom and a couple more grouper at each stop. We counted 14 grouper in the box so we moved once to finish our limit but all shorts. One last move and it was a triple 2 really nice reds over 24 and a 27" gag. One red went back and before we finished we took another short gag and a pair of 24: red grouper. It was another great day out there in grouperville. A variety of Cut bait on Carolina rigs did it all for us today. Tom, Laura and Kelly were really beat after the battle and I was totally exhausted this being my 3rd trip out there since Saturday. Thanks for the great day Tom and Laura!

Nice sunrise
The pirate and the anchor boy
One of many doubles
Me hiding behind a nice gag
Kelly taking the gag caught on a stretch 30
Laura's best gag to date
Kelly and I doubling up
How could ya not smile after a day like this
The crew on the way in
I need a bigger table I guess
This place Rocks if yer a crabber


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