Best vacation..big snook,trout and jack

I spent about about 6 years in the Stuart area as a child and had my heart stolen. I've been fishing since 3 but nowhere else in the world does it for me. I take vacation twice a year and thats where we go, religously. Beware natives full time competition is within site. We came down from Georgia for a week starting on July 20. Moon and weather in our favor, we started out every morning in the dark. I keep up with the posts regularly and seen they were hitting small baits. First day was kinda slow lost a good snook, caught a couple little ones and the usual suspects of small undesirable line pullers. Any fish is a good fish though. Day two switched up fishing style and location. Got some 10" mullet and the big top waters out and it was on. In between the sharks(numerous and large for inshore) I managed a total of 4 trout from 20-33" the biggest ones girth was 18". The big one was caught on big mullet.That one is going on the wall. 2 reds right at the top of slot on artificials. Probably 50 snook from about 24-42", 3 over or at 40". The 3 big ens came on live bait. The usual line pullers being jack and ladys. One of which being a big inshore, probaly close to 20#. Jumped a couple of small tarps but couldn't seal the deal. I hooked at least 15 sharks some small, but up to about 8'. Most these fish were caught while wading.


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    Very nice job. I would say welcome to area, but you're a regular here. Congrats on a great job.

    Keeping busy while away from Florida
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    Who does your photoshop? I'm kidding great pics man. Glad to see it!!!!
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    If that ain't the ultimate compliment! Thank you gents.
  • austinmay98austinmay98 Posts: 50 Deckhand
    **** man that is a trophy trout most people go there whole life without ever catching a trout of that size .... and some pig snook too... awesome job
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    cant call you a tourist nice job.
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    tight work (born in Savannah)
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    Very nice, impressive !!
    Tight Lines..
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    Who does your photoshop? I'm kidding great pics man. Glad to see it!!!!

    Lol... Good one man.... Got me at first, then I had a good laugh...
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    How do you like the pretty water we have, thanks to the flushing of Okeechobee. Pretty amazing that you caught those quality fish in the dark water. Hope you aren't eating them.
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    The waters been dark like it was, for as long as I can remember, I'm glad to see some folks are finally speaking up. Although truth be told it takes big money to fight big money. With America's sugar dependency, the fact that cash is king and Americans will almost always put their wants in front of the environment, the river has a slim chance. Unfortunately as a whole we are a bunch of lazy d.a.'s. It will take baby steps, the backing of the media, strong willed people not afraid to do a little time in the hokee and a committee of non greedy people to manage the money it will take to take on big sugar. I'm in.
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