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Sea Trek

I am going to Fort Myers in October was thinking about taking the Sea Trek to the Dry Tortugas. Has anyone done this trip. Is it worth it? There will be 4-5 people. Is there a better alternative? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


  • Luna SeaLuna Sea Posts: 562 Officer
    The weekend trips are good , you will be north of the Tortugas in deep water . Capt' Ken fishes wrecks and good grouper bottom 180' or so . I have caught my biggest African Pompono's on that trip . Good Luck
  • nightflynightfly Posts: 504 Officer
    I did that trip back in may. Big African pompano,grouper,amberjack, and big mutton snapper. I enjoyed that trip and will probably do it again in oct or nov. They don't load the boat with a bunch of people either so it's not shoulder to shoulder fishing.
  • dktoothdktooth Posts: 39 Greenhorn
    I was there two sundays ago whn they got back to the dock. Saw pics from the trip last weekend.
    They do very well. If you have 4-5 people I would probably get ahold of them soon. The talk at the
    dock two Sundays ago was a 70 lb. plus Cuberra Snapper. The guy did not get in the pool for
    largest fish. They also do a 24 hr. trip on which they also do well. On the downside, on the
    day trips I don't think thay do any better than any of the other head boats out of the Fort Myers
    Beach area. There are smaller boats out of Getaway Marina that are good for a small group on a day
    trip. The Sea Trek trip to the Tortugas is 48 hrs. 8 hrs each way to fishing grounds.
  • KeystrokeKeystroke Posts: 91 Deckhand
    I don't know about the Sea Trek but welcome to the forum newbie. :thumbsup
    Capt. Randy Lang
    Sebastian Gypsy Fishing Charters
    Inshore and Offshore Charters from Sebastian
  • rlfox24rlfox24 Posts: 37 Deckhand
    Thanks Capt. Randy. Thanks to everyone for your input.
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