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7/30/13 prospecting

larrwit and myself went out looking for some new shallow water grouper holes between 7 - 15 mls, and come up w/ a couple of good spots. larry scored some real nice grouper and a couple of big Flounder from one. I myself managed to only bring 1 Red ( shorty around 18" ) to the boat, due to my resent shoulder surgery I am only lifting arount 10 lbs, so the 2 other big fish that I had encountered was not in my power range, they were pretty big fish, I put all I had to them but not good enough, they both broke me off w/50lb leader and 80 lb PP. we used hand picked shrimp (frozen) nothing on them all day, squid which produced all the grunts we used for bait, both cut and live, the cut grunts were the winning bait of the day. good ole larry wanted me to hold all the fish not to hog the lime light. the weather was outstanding seas were good, the current was ripping we fished the top of the tide till the almost bottom at approx. 2 pm and headed in. we stayed in the 50 to 30 ft depth scouting new ledges and holes and just good bottom that did or would hold fish. OOPS! messed up on the down loading
Here's ta swimn' with bowllegged women!


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