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Coming down for vacation...worried about the water clarity please help.

I'm coming down for a 4 day fishing trip starting 8-9. I've read the reports about the water clarity and it's got me a little worried. I've been battling horrible clarity up here in the mosquito lagoon all summer and last thing i wanted to do was battle it again on vacation. My question is....how bad is the inshore fishing affected along the mangrove lines in S. Pine Island area? Is it still fishable with artificials? And is Estero bay any better clarity right now?


  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,755 Moderator
    Reading the reports will give you the best indication,. For me it is all offshore right now 5 miles our so it is better not great 10 miles much better 20 or over it starts to blue.
  • nitelite08nitelite08 Posts: 302 Officer
    South Pine Island area for me has been good fishing at high tide. Low tide has been absolutely horrible with water temperatures close to 90 degrees at the lowest point of the tide. If you are looking to sight fish then I will tell you that you are flat out of luck when it comes to PI sound. However, spoons and live target lure's with some pro-cure bait scent has landed us some nice reds and trout. If you want mangrove snapper then grab some live shrimp and fish high tide. I can't even emphasize enough how you need to fish the flats/mangroves at HIGH TIDE. I got my butt kicked at low tide two days in a row last weekend. Hope this helps and you land some fish on your vacation.
  • tytytyty Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    Fished the S. Pine Island area on Friday 7/26 and could not see bottom in less than 1.5' of water. Lots of dead seagrass everywhere and water had very low salinity. Did not have much luck, so I didnt stay long.
  • tytytyty Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    FYI My comments above were at low tide.
  • Joey ButtonsJoey Buttons Posts: 11,849 AG
    Plenty of fish to be caught. EARLY morning and right before sunset are best.

    Don't worry if you can't see them.

    They are there.
  • tilemantileman Posts: 1,126 Officer
    right now it sucks w/all the discarges yesterday went out to 50' and still not great got to RF pass and it looked like sewer water, same inside
    Here's ta swimn' with bowllegged women!
  • WayoflifeWayoflife Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    I appreciate your guys advice. High tide it is for the flats. Sucks it's going to be dirty but on the bright side of things i'll be able to say i can fish in any conditions lol.
  • snappinbacksnappinback Posts: 146 Officer
    The waters I have fished in for years , Now look like Crap ! Dead Grass floating every where its so thick its hard to throw plastics / jigs etc. Some places I like the fun of sight fishing them reds in shallow waters and sandy potholes . Lets hope it clears up soon and it hasn't destoryed all our grasses . No Grass Beds No Baitfish No Big Fish. Send some Water to the East Coast !
  • ScoutboatScoutboat Posts: 2,341 Captain
    We go through this every year during the summer rains.
    Fish cut baits near the bottom, even putting out a chum bag.
    Fish can't see as well, but they can still smell.
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